We at Vedang Ayurveda And Panchkarma Clinic are Best Expert Specialist Doctor For Ayurvedic Treatments For Skin Diseases like Eczema. Our clinic is situated in Pimpri Chinchwad near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Eczema also called Allergic Dermatitis, according to Ayurveda is a type of Skin Disorder. Eczema having different types in modern medicine and we can compare different types with Ayurveda's point of view. Eczema according to modern it is autoimmune or some time allergic or medicine induced. Allopathic doctors using steroids for applications and some times internally also but there will strong side effects of that medicine to the body and after results with modern medicine disease reoccurrence chances are more. So we have to give a solution with herbal medicine so we at our Ayurveda And Panchkarma Centre we are trying to give the best solution for skin disorders. Eczema having symptoms like itching, scaling, thickness, dryness, redness, discharge, burning, etc.

Causes of eczema according to Ayurveda - According to Ayurveda eczema is due to a genetic disorder or due to bad sedentary lifestyle like eating junk food, fermented food, excessive curd, sour food, salty food, milkshakes, steal food, bakery product, double processed food, unboiled milk, stress, excessive use of air-conditioned will block sweat pores, excessive eating of spicy food, etc, above all causes will lead to the impurity of blood leads to eczema.


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Treatment according to Ayurveda -

1. Avoid junk food or steal food

2. Avoid stress

3. Exercise

4. Air-condition temperature should be more than 27 degree

5. Use herbal medicine for purification

6. Use panchakarma

7. Consume ghee for decreasing dryness of your body

8. Apply daily oil to the body

So treat eczema easily with Ayurveda.

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